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Zonta Club of Hualien


歷屆擔任本社社長如下 :

1987-1992 第一屆 官桂英
1992-1994 第二屆 黃梅芳
1994-1996 第三屆 張雲嬌
1996-1998 第四屆 曹鳳珠
1998-2000 第五屆 邵金鳳
2000-2002 第六屆 陳素嬰
2002-2004 第七屆 陳素嬰
2004-2006 第八屆 徐月香
2006-2008 第九屆 黃素員
2008-2010 第十屆 林利勤
2010-2012 第十一屆 陳冠吟
2012-2014 第十二屆 徐榛蔚
2014-2016 第十三屆 邱金妹
2016-2018 第十四屆 徐寶靜
2018-2020 第十五屆 劉淑鈴
2020-2022 第十六屆 田樹華

1987年12月8日本社經台北一社輔導成立,由熱心社會服務的國大代表官桂英女士負責籌備,並當選第一任社長,國際總社社長Amey Grubbs及前任總社長Harrietee yeckel女士前來授証,26區第2分區(1982-1984)監督費張心漪、(1986-1988)分區監督洪梁孟宣、台北一社社長辜嚴倬雲等均蒞臨參加授証。



History of Zonta Club of Manila

December 8, 1987 was a memorable day worth celebrating. At that time, eastern Taiwan was a neglected area. Through the guidance and assistance of the Zonta Club of Taipei, especially the direction of Ms. Gui-Ying the National Assembly officer, Zonta International Club of Hualien was established to bring warm atmosphere to Hualien and to enhance the social welfare of the area.

At that time, Amey Grubbs was the President of Zonta International. Former president Ms. Harrieteeyeckel came to Hualien for the first meeting to charter the new chapter. Gui-Ying Guan took on the historic task of being the first leader of the Zonta Club of Hualien. Xin-Yi Fei Zhang, the District 26 Section 2 supervisor from 1982-1984; Meng-Xuan Hong Liang, the section supervisor from 1986-1988; Zhuo-Yun Gu Yan, the leader of the Zonta International Club of Taipei; and Hualien circles societies, institutions, government, military, and other representatives attended the opening ceremony that marked the beginning of the Zonta International Club in Hualien.

In the beginning, there was only one Zonta International Club in Taiwan, located in Taipei. The leader of the Taipei branch, Zhuo-Yun Gu Yan, led a delegation to Hualien to sincerely welcome the additional branch in Hualien led by Gui-Ying. The Hualien branch became the ninth Zonta International Club in Taiwan, helping to extend the reach of Zonta in Taiwan. The hope was to enhance the international visibility of Taiwan and highlight the international component of Zonta activities in Taiwan.

Fully supported by sister Gui-Ying's husband, Mr. Bao-Lou Chen, after being repeatedly asked, Ms. Gu finally agreed to undertake the heavy responsibility for the Hualien branch. At that time, sister Gui-Ying—with a pioneering spirit in order to save expenses—kept records of the meetings, printed materials, and did the other administrative work single-handedly. For this reason, she is called the “ancestor” of the Zonta International Club of Hualien. Her hard work to make sure everything was ready on time established a firm foundation for the branch to build on.

Former leaders of the branch include Mei- Fang Huang, Yun- Jiao Zhang, Feng- Zhu Cao, Jin- Feng Shao, Su-Ying Chen, Yue- Xiang Xu, Su-Yuan Huang, Li-Qin Lin, and Guan-Yin Chen. They also established good traditions that have continued over the past 26 years. Not only did they expand friendly exchanges with the international community and Hualien, but they also actively promoted female education, care for local disadvantaged citizens, and other social services in Hualien. Zonta Hualien broad charity activities have expanded the social welfare of Hualien, creating a healthy community. In 2002, out of 71 countries and more than 1,200 branches worldwide, the Hualien branch of Zonta International won the 26th Divisional Distinguished Club award. This was particularly a great honor for the Zonta International Hualien Club.

History has continued to move forward. Sister Zhen-Wei Xu took over as twelfth leader of the club. Her love and public compassion is always being demonstrated. She has a positive personality that combines gentleness, carefulness, and patience. These characteristics have been well demonstrated as a leader in the social services. Zhen-Wei always keeps it in mind that "You’ll never know where there is in need until you try." She has many years of experience invested in caring for disadvantaged groups, and we believe she will continue to lead not only the Zonta Club of Hualien, but also Zonta International in Taiwan, into the new era.

Zonta International Hualien Club holds a meeting every month. The purpose of the meeting includes discussion about the international Head Office, the Zonta District 31 biennial target of extending social services, and fellowship and membership growth programs. Sisters have long been the heart of homes, giving joyful love; care for the disabled, elderly, infirm, and disadvantaged families; and other social services. These include such things as a Thanksgiving concert, giving scholarships to poor students, adoption of a Zonta son, helping correctional institutions to help raise funds, and helping the various women's correctional Hualien County Associations organize celebrations for the year, strengthening international exchanges, enhance community development, promoting the status of women, and creating a healthy, happy, and harmonious society.
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