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Zonta Club of Miaoli



2003-2006 第一屆  王培珠
2006-2008第二屆  彭國媛
2008-2010第三屆  鄒美珍
2010-2011第四屆  莊冠月
2011-2012第四屆  許鳳娟
2012-2014 第五屆  曾美蓮
2014-2016 第六屆  徐秀貞
2016-2018 第七屆  劉寶蓮
2018-2020 第八屆  盧純英
2020-2022 第九屆  黃琦如






History of Zonta Club of Miaoli

Miaoli is a Hakka- style city for its rich scenic resources , mountains , rivers , good air and hospitality of its people . All elements that keep people living here peaceful and hard - working , especially when it comes to getting away from bustling cities .

Founded in 2003, Zonta Club of Miaoli was chartered under the assistance of Zonta Club of Hsinchu , all the members are from certain levels of social position or achievement . The diverse backgrounds enable us to use our specialties to not only raise awareness to women related social issues but also promote women's rights .

The first president , Shinning Wang and five successive presidents contribute their leadership and effort to carry forward our achievements on advancing the status of women at the global and local level . Not only devote ourselves in promoting international goodwill but also do our best to offer financial help to the needy , both in Miaoli and Taiwan .
We routinely visit and subsidize "Hsin-miao Asylum" , an institute for the mentally and physically handicapped individuals . We donated to "Butterfly Bakery" , a baker training program to help women to have the ability at increasing their income .

We also routinely pay a visit to Hong - Guang , Li - Yuan , Wu - Shan Nursing Homes. There , we deliver our love and care to those who aged and lost their health .

With the guide from our first president , Shinning Wang , the Director of Miaoli Women and Children's Welfare Department , the most important program we carry on for years is to help female immigrants to have better life in Taiwan , improving both of their finance and equal rights .

In the coming years , we would like to infuse educational and entertaining content in our programs to attract more participants .

We must make efforts to recruit new members who identify with Zonta causes .

We should take moves to expand the exposure of Miaoli Club , letting people know our services in both Miaoli and Taiwan .

Also we should do our best to support and participate in Zonta International projects and activities.

Most Zontians are professionals who are distinguished members in their specific fields . We learn a lot from one another and we join our forces to serve our communities and devote ourselves to public services .


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