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Zonta Club Of Taipei Rainbow




2012-2014 創 社 陳淑貞

2014-2016 第二屆 熊昭琦

2016-2018 第三屆 王依齡

2018-2020 第四屆 洪國鈞

2020-2022 第五屆    楊   蘋

2022-2024 第六屆    張明真


History of Zonta Club of Taipei Rainbow

Zonta Club of Taichung II was founded on May 25, 2006. It was formed and instructed by National Policy Consultant Taichung club’s Mrs. Ling-Lan Tsai. The club founder was Hsiu-Yun Feng with total member head count of 27. In the initial founding stage of the club, lots of difficulties are encountered. At the time the club was about to be dismissed, the second club leader has received great support from the chief Li-Huan Chien to re-start the club business. The second club leader Tsai-Wei Ho is a person with is a leader with idea and ambition. Under her great efforts, the club’s business has been stabilized. 

Dr. Su-Hui Lee, the advisor of Association for Victims Right (AVC) invited by the managing director Shu-Jen Chen, co-hosted a forensic science seminar features Dr. Henry Chang-Yu Lee on August 14th, 2010, to advance understanding and protection of victims right. In 2012 during Dr. Su-Hui Lee’s term of Governor of District 31, Lee had served Zonta International and the public of China by advancing traffic safety, anti-drug, environmental awareness, and prevention and elimination of violence and sexual assault. Along with her dedication in service and advocacy initiatives, Lee also actively participated in international programs and charities to acquire worldwide reputation.

To implement local service programs and advancement of the status of women in Taiwan, Zonta Club of Taipei Rainbow (no. 1895) was founded by Governor Su-Hui Lee on 2nd May 2012, and chartered on 5th May 2012.

Members of Zonta Club of Taipei Rainbow
The former District Governor Su-Hui, Lee founded Zonta Club of Taipei Rainbow, and strongly recommended Shu-Jen Chen, who had helped Zonta Club of Taipei I received Zonta Excellence Award during the presidency in 2002-2004, to be the founding President of Zonta Club of Taipei Rainbow. Up to date there are 21 members, including one accountant, two doctors, six lawyers, and many professors, entrepreneurs, executives, etc. The goal is to dedicate professional skills to promote social welfares.

Services of Zonta Club of Taipei Rainbow
Zonta Club of Taipei Rainbow focuses on ending violence against women and children, and advocating environmental awareness.

Meetings at Zonta Club of Taipei Rainbow
Ten monthly meetings are conducted every year. Each monthly meeting features speeches from members to share work experience, and seminars of various topics held by scholars and specialists. In addition, social events are held to stimulate relationships with Zonta clubs and the public.

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