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Zonta Club of Taichung


1972-1974 第一屆  王國秀     
1974-1976 第二屆  許顏粹眸
1976-1978 第三屆  何珍淑     
1978-1980 第四屆  林富美
1980-1983 第五屆  葉金鳳     
1983-1985 第六屆  洪徐月嬌
1985-1987 第七屆  傅金耳     
1987-1989 第八屆  區少梅
1989-1991 第九屆  陳若慧     
1991-1993 第十屆  陳淑靜
1993-1995 第十一屆  林傅美智   
1995-1997 第十二屆  張淑美
1997-2000 第十三屆  丁清霜    
2000-2002 第十四屆  黃惠貞 
2002-2004 第十五屆  黃桂珠    
2004-2006 第十六屆  蔡鈴蘭
2006-2008 第十七屆  何淑蕙    
2008-2010 第十八屆  李恂恂
2010-2012 第十九屆  楊信美    
2012-2014 第二十屆  盧錦玲
2014-2016 第廿一屆  宋慧玲    
2016-2018 第廿二屆  連珍伶
2018-2020 第
廿三屆  王淑恩               
2020-2022 第廿四屆  田瀞文 



History of Zonta Club of Taichung

Zonta Club of TAICHUNG was founded on May 9th, 1972 by Kuo-Siu Chang. Kuo-Siu Chang was a former legislator and founder and president of National Chin-Yi University of Technology in Taiwan. Currently, Zonta Club of TAICHUNG has 34 active members who are dedicated and passionate about working to advance the progress of women in society. Our members hail from a diverse background, including government officials, corporate executives and professionals with highly successful careers across many industries. Current members include Chin-Fong Yeh, the former Governor of District 26 (2002-2004) and Minister of Interior; Shu-Cheng Lin Chen, Executive Director of HueiMing School for the Blind; and Lin-Lan Tsai, policy advisor to President Ma.

Zonta Club of TAICHUNG has steadfastly adhered to Zonta International’s missions, consistently making efforts to achieve Zonta International’s Biennial Goals. In recent years, Zonta Club of TAICHUNG reached the goal of full contribution to Zonta International Foundation, with District 31, Area 2 attaining top ranking. In particular, Zonta member Shu-Cheng Lin Chen was recognized at the Zonta Convention in Melbourne for her generous $20,000 USD donation to Zonta International Foundation.

Zonta Club of TAICHUNG is committed to the prevention of violence against women. To this end, we organize educational seminars and distribute prevention of violence against women educational materials at local community events. Zonta Club of TAICHUNG also makes financial donations to other local organizations dedicated to prevention of violence against women, school for the blind and children’s orphanages. Recently, Zonta ZC of TAICHUNG donated a passenger van with special mobility access to the TaiChung City government, enabling residents with special mobility needs to have available free transportation to hospitals and medical clinics. Zonta Club TAICHUNG believes the most effective method to advance the status of women in society is through education. Therefore, we also offer several need-based scholarships to outstanding students with high potential.

The 2014 goals for Zonta Club of TAICHUNG are to set up the Z Club and to grow our membership. This will enable Zonta Club of TAICHUNG to continue to serve the community.

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