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活動時間:2021-04-24(六) / 地區各社

Zonta Club of Taipei II celebrates 50th anniversary

The Zonta Club of Taipei II, Republic of China (Taiwan), recently celebrated their 50th anniversary. They are the second Zonta club in Taiwan, chartered on 26 April, 1971. 

At a lunch party on 24 April, members played a 10 minute film on the club's past and present. They paid tribute to founding members and further celebrated with drums, songs and dances. Students from the Golden Z Club of New Dawn displayed results of service projects and raised funds for future programs. About 200 Zontians and family members attended, including District 31 Governor Vivienne Shen, Lieutenant Governor Li-Chin Lin and Area I Director Diana Cheng.

"It was 42 years ago when I first got to know Zonta," said Club President Ching-Hui Shih, who was a college freshman at the time. "My English teacher Jane Shen took me to a senior home for a club service program. There, I was so honored to meet many other club members, all celebrated women at that time. They inspired me."

"There are many elder club members whom we did not have the honor to meet, and there were others whom we were able to serve together for only a short period of time, but their words and deeds are always there for us to emulate. They are our valuable assets," said Shih.

Dr. Yen-Yao Chen, 98, is the sole founding member among 23. The eldest of the club is Ju-Ching Shen Lay, now 101. There are 35 members this biennium. 

President Sharon Langenbeck sent her best wishes through a video to the club. To commemorate the milestone anniversary, the Club of Taipei II has set up the "Youth Educational Development Fund" and launched donation campaigns to finance projects of young people.

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