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31 區跨國服務展現成果

活動時間:2022-09-01(四) / 31區

國際崇她31 區於2020-2022 執行,並於2022 德國漢堡年會獲得國際崇她頒發服務貢獻獎之[崇她愛滿新民及跨國服務行動],其中跨國服務係與理念相同之愛女孩國際關懷協會合作,由31 區社員捐助4.4 萬美元購買250 台縫紉機,幫助烏干達及非洲偏遠地區設立縫紉訓練中心,培訓當地婦女縫製布衛生棉及相關布製品,以提升其技能,並達經濟自主及增進健康與子女受教機會。
縫紉訓練中心成立幾個月來,已培育許多非洲地區婦女,並製成多樣式的美麗成品,愛女孩協會特別帶回部分產品,於9/6 台北三社社長交接典禮活動中展現成果。當日與會社員及來賓皆獲贈一個花色鮮豔的布袋,會場並設有崇她商店,義賣許多非洲婦女手編及縫製產品,社員們慷慨解囊搶購留念,並很高興得以見證31 區跨國社服之成果。
日後相信縫紉訓練中心的婦女及學生們將會產製更多樣的成品,以縫紉技術翻轉他們的生命,找回自信與自尊,讓國際崇她31 區的棉薄之力,為婦女及女孩建立更美好的世界。

Achievement of District 31 Cross-border Service

Distrct 31 was honored to be presented the Service Recognition Award in 2020-2022 Biennium of participation in [Zonta Gives Love to Taiwan ’ s New Immigrants & Cross Border Service] at 2022 Convention in Hamburg. The cross border service project was cooperated with the like-minded association~Love Binti International. With the donations of US$44,000 from the joint effort of Zontians in Taiwan, 250 sewing machines were purchased to help Uganda and remote areas in Africa to set up sewing training centers.

Since the establishment of the sewing training center for a few months, it has cultivated many women in Africa and made many beautiful finished cloth products. Love Binti International brought some products back to Taiwan and showed the results in the handover ceremony of Taipei III Club on September 6, 2022.

A colorful cloth bag was given as a gift to all the participants, and with Zonta store at the venue, where many handmade products were sold for charity. Zontians donated generously to snap up the goods and gladly to witness the achievements of D31 cross border service project.

Another tailoring training center set up at Makerere University in Uganda, has now further cooperated with the School of Lifelong Learning Education to officially start classes, adding special classrooms so that students can study fashion and clothing design for a period of two years, and can obtain a national certified certificate after the training. This is in line with the project of [Uganda Vocational Training] to provide students with practical skills that employers need and giving them degrees. The Department of Fashion and Costume Design teaches students the art of applying design, aesthetics to clothing and its accessories.

It is believed that the women and students of those sewing training centers in Uganda will produce more cloth products, to upgrade their skills, achieve economic independence, and make a better life. Zontians of D31 will continue work together to build a better world for women and girls.

  • 2020-2022 國際總社長Sharon Langenbeck 於2022 漢堡國際年會頒發服務貢獻獎由31 區謝維文總監代表受獎

  • 愛女孩協會帶回烏干達婦女縫製布品及相關手作成品於2022/9/6 台北三社社長交接典禮義賣

  • 由31 區捐助之縫紉機在烏干達馬凱雷雷大學設置縫紉訓練中心